Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 to the 1: Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Behold! A true relic from the 80’s, back when I was light skinned with curly hair, and could fit in any small storage compartment or hand bag. Those days are long gone, but the legend of my epic birth lives on through annual retellings at 5AM by my mother. Seriously though, I looked like an alien when I was a baby. What's up with that right eye? Did the nurse punch me out? 0.o

It’s that time again, folks and I am pleased to report that I found one gray hair. Any other time I would have freaked out, but I’m too caught up in my 24 hours of AWESOME to care. A time where I can luxuriate and bask in the glory that is me--with all its rolls and wobbly bits! I can eat as much cake as I want and not feel guilty about not sharing. I can parade around my house in my draws and church shoes without shame. I can look fondly at the past year with no regrets and look to the year ahead with heavy anxiety anticipation.

My birthday wish list:

#1 spot on NYT Bestsellers list
Lose 20 lbs. overnight
Jason Mamoa vacuuming my house, wearing a loincloth and covered in baby oil
A secret lair carved out of a volcano
Iron Man’s suit
Indiana Jones’s whip
The sword of Griffindor

And if I can’t have that, I will settle for seeing all of you here again this time next year.



  1. Hope you have a fantastic birthday. Love your list. Hope you get them all!

  2. Ah--Jason Mamoa. *adds to bday wishlist*

    Judging by your wish list, not only do I think you have fantastic taste, but I hope you have an awesome birthday as well. :)

  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day!. I particularly like your list :).

  4. Happy Birthday! Jason Mamoa is the cherry on the icing. :)

  5. ~Happy Birthday~ Hope all your wishes come true. And if not, eat as much cake as you possibly can :)

  6. Thanks guys! Cake is Good! nom nom nom...


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On My Emo Days...
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