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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I’ve been playing around with a new contemporary story that deals with different themes, including the volatile topic of promiscuity. I’ve discussed this issue with friends and I always get the same default rebuttal. “Men are free to do what they want without scrutiny, so why can’t women do the same?”
That argument is fine when it comes to fairness in the workplace and other political topics, but this is a matter of internal makeup and behavior. It boils down to simple logic and I’m sick of repeating myself, so that’s what this rant is for.

The short answer is, “Because you’re not a male. You’re a female. It’s not in your nature.”

Then I get the feminist lecture about equality and women having the right to behave as men, all the while I’m thinking, “Why would you want to? Shouldn’t you celebrate your own uniqueness?” The term feminism implies you would embrace femininity and center your energy on all things female—not try to pee standing up. To cultivate the strengths you DO have; not try to emulate shit that you DON’T have. Let’s face it, that’s something posers do, and you can’t hone the power of being a woman by mimicking a man.

All religious and moral dictates aside, males and females are different in the arena of sexuality. The male principle is QUANTITY over quality. Impregnate as many females as possible to increase the number of the race. Females, on the other hand, adhere to the QUALITY over quantity principle. Since child bearing is difficult, dangerous and time-consuming, it’s only logical to make it count by having the best offspring. That means you only mate with the strongest, healthiest, most efficient, and most attractive male in your community. QUALITY over quantity.

These two principles have been set in stone since the dawn of Man and there’s only been one instance, one common exception in history that reveals a flip in the script. Only one circumstance where a woman chooses quantity over quality by sleeping with multiple men. 

That is the world’s oldest profession: prostitution. 

This goes against the inherent nature of the female and is the deep-seated reason while the lifestyle is ostracized and shunned. It disrupts social order. This taboo has been prevalent for millennia all the way up to the 21st century.

Females of today have become more liberated and have embraced the QUANTITY over quality principal, behavior only recognized in earlier years in prostitutes. The only difference is there’s no direct exchange of currency. But the same actions are involved: casual sex with someone you barely know with little to no romantic interest on either side and with no desire for a relationship in the future.

In essence, you’re assuming male attributes, and straight men don’t care to see their likeness in a potential mate. You may think that men have it so good and the grass is greener on the other side, but falling for that hype rarely makes women happy. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a gratified, well-adjusted hooker? 


Besides this one?

I’m not justifying slut shaming—hell no! ANY TYPE OF BULLYING PUTS ME IN A MURDEROUS RAGE!! 

I’m just giving you a purely objective explanation as to why that guy you like hasn’t wife’d you up yet. Why he’s not returning your calls or asked you on a second date. Why you’re never going to meet his mom or his close friends. Why other females give you the side-eye and talk about you behind your back.

All actions have consequences and negative actions draws negative attention. Just because females are capable of peeing while standing up doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It just makes a big mess and leaves stains all over you, and some stains aren’t that easy to wash away.

I now open the debate to the floor. Thoughts?

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