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Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Year, New Book, Same Old Me

Ah, February! When America engages in 29 days of Black people trivia. When the fate of the season rests solely on the furry shoulders of a woodland rodent. When commercialized romance is on full display, reminding me of how single I am. Oh and it’s my sister’s birth month or whatever.

It’s also a benchmark of failed New Year’s resolutions. Against my better judgement, I made FIVE of them on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve managed to break ALL of them within the first month. Let’s review, shall we?

·         Work out more: drove past the gym twice and kept driving

·         Be more attentive to friends and family: wait…who are these people?

·         Get a boyfriend: Neither Channing Tatum nor Idris Alba are returning my calls.

·         Give up coffee: Hahahahahahahaha!

·         Write more blog posts: *Crickets*

In other words, it’s a New Year and the same old me. So, what have I been doing in my down time? Well…

I WROTE A NEW BOOK! Yes, you heard me right. I have a contemporary YA novel coming out in May from Point (Scholastic imprint). No paranormal creatures in this story, sorry. Told in alternating point of views, KEEP ME IN MIND follows a young couple’s journey to get back what they’ve lost. For him, it’s the love of his life. For her, it’s her memory.



ELLIA DAWSON doesn't recognize the handsome boy who sits in tears by her hospital bed. He claims he's her boyfriend, Liam. But to Ellia, he’s a Stranger. She remembers her name. Her parents. Her best friend, Stacey. But Liam is a total blank in her life.

 LIAM MCPHERSON is devastated. His girlfriend, Ellia, suffered a terrible accident—maybe because of him —and now she’s lost her memory. But the harder Liam tries to reach Ellia—to remind her of what they had—the more she pulls away.

 As Ellia begins the slow road to recovery, Liam begins work on a secret project that he hopes will bring back the girl he loved. But can there ever be a future when the past is in pieces?
I’ll be giving away ARCs soon, so stay tuned for contest announcements. In the mean time I promise to be more consistent with my posts. The past year has left me plenty to snark about and I’m due for a good rant.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the book cover.


1 comment:

  1. Pre-ordered weeks ago and looking forward to reading!!!
    Love this cover. A gorgeous black girl with natural hair, a beautiful white boy looking at her like she's his whole world? Yes, please.
    So excited to read more from you! :)




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