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Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Another Vampire Diaries Rant!

Yes, it is and this was a long time coming. I'll sum it up like this...


Let me see if I have this right, TVD. So basically you’re telling me that Bonnie gave up her life to resurrect Jeremy, not for the sake of being with him again, but to make Elena happy? God forbid if this girl has one selfish desire in her life.
Everyone knew that Stefan was leaving town after he dropped Silas’ body in the quarry, yet no one even batted an eyelash about Bonnie’s abrupt “summer plans” and that she didn’t say goodbye in person? 

So you’re saying Bonnie had been dead for three months and no one bothered to investigate why they hadn’t spoken to her or seen her face to face? Skype and video chat is suddenly off the table though it was done in season 2? 

You’re telling me that her overprotective, vamp-wary father would be okay with his troubled child traipsing off cross-country and he not double-check with her mother? You want me to believe that NO ONE raised an eyebrow in suspicion when Bonnie didn’t show up to her father’s funeral? 

Are you so bold to admit that the only reason anyone actively searched for Bonnie is because Stefan lost his memory and they needed a witchy favor?

Are. You. Serious?

If this doesn’t prove my case for Bonnie being a worthless character then nothing will. Not worthless as in ineffective, I mean worthless as in no one gives a shit about her unless they want something. She has no motivation other than to make her friends, namely Elena, happy, no matter the cost. And even in her death, Bonnie was still seeking her friends’ happiness. Yet none of that effort is reciprocated. Bonnie goes on about how kind and self-sacrificing Elena is, yet we’ve seen none of that “kindness” given to her. 

Even when Elena’s humanity was turned off and she tried to kill her at prom, everyone came rushing to immortal Elena’s aid, leaving the very human Bonnie in the dust and she still forgave her! When Bonnie was being brainwashed by Silas, no one helped her fight it off or offered support against tapping into dark magic. Hell, no one thought to knock her out or lock her up in the Salvatore dungeon to keep her from killing 12 innocent people! 

All the other characters had a “bad monster rehab” session at some point. (Stefan = ripper, Caroline = new vamp, Elena= new vamp/ humanity switch, Jeremy = emo phase/ hunter’s curse, Tyler = new werewolf/ sire bond, Damon = Damon)  But let Bonnie have an “Evil Willow” moment and she gets no intervention, no pep talk from her friends; just a “Witches be crazy” quip from Damon. 

Her parents stepped in and Bonnie lashed out on them as if they were the bad guys. (Side note: this goes to show that the writers did NO research on ethnic characters.  Powers or no powers, there is no way in unholy hell that two black parents are going to let their kid talk back to them like that. It’s not a stereotype. It’s FACT!!!)
Getting to the point of this rant, that funeral was bullshit. The only one that had the slightest hint of credibility was Jeremy, but that’s beside the point. 

Speaking of “I Gotta Be Shirtless All The Time” Gilbert, if Jeremy can only see the dead people he knows, why can’t he see Matt whenever he dies, or catch a glimpse of him when he returns to his body? Just saying.

Back to the funeral…

The grief seemed forced as hell, but at least Damon kept true to his character and shed not one tear during the service. He’s not the crying type, but it’s interesting how he had a mental breakdown when Rose, a vamp he knew all of five minutes, died of a werewolf bite. And the only reason Damon came up with the plan to get Bonnie back was… you guessed it, to make Elena happy. I would’ve even been cool with Damon’s motive leaning towards self-preservation, regaining a powerful ally/weapon in the fight against all things that want to kill them. But no, he did it because whenever Elena cries, God kills a kitten.

Just to drive my point about the “I don’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett” case. Silas, the big bad of the season, barely acknowledged there was a witch named Bonnie despite the fact that he’d been stalking her and playing with her head all last season. Even Qetsiyah, an ancestor who can see everything from the Other Side and likely conversed with other dead witches, is like “Bonnie who?” Continuity glitch or proof of Bonnie’s lack of relevance? You make the call. 

And now that Bonnie is the anchor to the Other Side, not only does she have to endure the pain of every supernatural creature who dies, her powers are gone, making her even more worthless than before. And she’s not even good at that because she didn’t notice if Katherine was really dead or not. Unless doppelgangers/ travelers aren’t magical enough to go to the Other Side? Whatever, I don’t care.

Now that Bonnie and Jeremy are back together, she STILL keeps it on the DL because she doesn’t want to upset Elena, who’s banging the guy who was responsible for the death of her mother, grandmother and sometimes, whenever Damon’s cranky, her boyfriend. Are you kidding me? Give this bitch a spine! 

I don’t know if this was fan service or some affirmative action quota, but they should’ve just left her dead. They were so close. But nooooo, Bonnie is now playing Dumbledore for the new witch in town because the monster squad is too inept to handle their own problems without a proper witch around. 

Remind me why Bonnie doesn’t have her powers again? What about those witches that lurk around that old spooky house, the ones that were burned alive back in the day? You know, that haunted, magical place where Stefan hid the originals’ coffins from Klaus? Yeah, those witches were dead yet they were able to do enough magic beyond the grave to ward vampires off their property. Wouldn’t Bonnie’s powers be connected with where she died? Maybe she can only do magic in that one location? 

Maybe she somehow steals the magic out of her new pupil. I’ll believe anything at this point, just throw her a bone. As it stands now she’s just going to continue to suffer and then go crazy just like the last anchor. Fun times.
I’m done.

Oh and P.S. Where is Bonnie’s body? She’s a ghost now, but did anyone even bother to bury her remains? Was she buried under that tree stump at the funeral? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. This cracked me up! I have characters in favorite shows that I react to in both a personal like or dislike, as well as a writer response. If my husband asks about a personal one, I'll just say "her brow furrows annoy me-it's the only expression she has." But if he accidentally stumbles into a writing or plot pet peeve, I can rant with the best of them!

  2. Hilarious. I may have to catch up on all the episodes I've missed now.

  3. I totally agree. How many times has Bonnie sacrificed herself to save Elena? No one wants to upset poor Elena. Everyone is worried about Elena. The girl that switched brothers. If that upset you, then season 6 was the cherry on top of the cake when Bonnie sacrificed herself for Damon? Elena wouldn't be upset. I'm convinced the writers hate Bonnie. We need Katherine back, she always called them out on this "worshipping Elena" crap. Loser Tyler gets to live, while Bonnie dies repeatedly. I love your rant, it was everything, more please.

  4. I saw you say that you were going to watch season 7 of TVD on Twitter a while ago, so I hope you're somewhere close to being caught up by now. It makes me happy that someone is just as fired up about the show, and cares about Bonnie just as much I do! Season 8(the LAST season) is halfway over. PLEASE give us your thoughts on the show overall and on whether you feel like, in the end, they did Bonnie justice. I personally have taken Kat Graham's feelings about her character into account, so I'm leaning towards being a little forgiving to Julie Plec & Co. Anyway, please write soon! Keep up the great work :)




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